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From chaos to optimization: how Smart Awarding transforms truck planning and logistics

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In today's competitive landscape, consumer packaged goods (CPG) suppliers are constantly seeking ways to enhance efficiency, maximize revenue, and streamline operations. The answer to these challenges lies at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and strategic decision-making. Spoiler Alert is set to transform the way CPG suppliers manage their excess inventory and logistics with its latest product feature: Smart Awarding with Logistics.

Unlocking efficiency with Smart Awarding and logistics optimization

Smart Awarding with Logistics is more than just an update; it's a game-changer that empowers CPG suppliers to navigate the complexities of surplus inventory management with unprecedented precision. This new feature leverages advanced algorithms to automate the truck planning process, ushering in a new era of efficiency and revenue generation.

the power of logistics optimization

In an industry where time and cost are critical factors, manual truck planning has long been a daunting challenge. Today, freight costs eat up about 12.5% of discount revenue. Spoiler Alert's Smart Awarding with Logistics algorithm completely changes the landscape by optimizing truck lanes based on a range of factors, including distance, cost, and handling conditions. This meticulous optimization results in a significant reduction in freight costs – up to 11% – directly impacting the bottom line.

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maximizing net revenue through smart awarding

Traditional awarding processes often leave revenue on the table due to incomplete or inefficient truck lanes. Smart Awarding with Logistics addresses this issue head-on by anchoring awarding decisions based on the most competitive offers in combination with transportation costs and handling conditions and building complete trucks for maximum revenue – projected to increase by 6-10%. With the algorithm's precision, CPG suppliers can confidently maximize their net revenue potential.

efficiency unleashed: from manual work to automated ease

One of the most exciting aspects of Smart Awarding with Logistics is the liberation it offers from manual truck planning. What used to consume hours of valuable time can now be accomplished in seconds. By automating awarding scenarios and generating optimal truck lanes, the algorithm saves CPG teams up to four hours per week, allowing them to focus on strategic decision-making and growth.

customization for every business case

Every CPG supplier has unique business needs and goals. Smart Awarding with Logistics recognizes this diversity by offering complete customization options. Teams can configure truck lane distance, freight costs, and handling conditions to match their specific requirements. This flexibility ensures that the algorithm aligns perfectly with each supplier's individual strategies. Want to change your awarding strategy? Just update your preferences and the algorithm will automatically adapt.

The future of inventory management is here

Smart Awarding with Logistics isn't just a feature; it's a statement of Spoiler Alert's commitment to revolutionizing inventory management. By integrating advanced algorithms, logistics optimization, and revenue maximization, this innovation brings efficiency, accuracy, and profitability to the forefront of the industry.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of CPG, staying ahead requires embracing innovation. Spoiler Alert's Smart Awarding with Logistics empowers CPG suppliers to unlock their full potential, transforming truck planning and logistics into sources of competitive advantage. As we navigate the future, one thing is clear: the future of inventory management has arrived, and it's smarter than ever before.

Connect with our sales team at sales@spoileralert.com to learn more about our new feature.

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