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Top 12 Food Waste Stories in 2015

Emily Malina
Emily Malina

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Food waste has been a hot issue this year - from major legislation to political commentary. Even Food & Wine magazine named it “probably the most discussed food-related topic of the year.”

Here’s a look back at some of the biggest headlines in food waste in 2015:

1. Seattle Food Waste Ban

In January 2015, Seattle passes a city ordinance that prohibits the disposal of food waste and compostable paper from residential, commercial, and self-haul garbage.

2. Food Waste Pop-Up Shop

Famed NYC Chef Dan Barber opens a pop-up shop in March 2015 called WastED, where the menu is made up of discarded foods.

3. The Daily Table Opens

In June 2015, former Trader Joe’s President, Doug Rauch, opens the Daily Tablea grocery store that offers nutritious meal options - sourced through food rescue efforts - at fast food prices.

4. New York City Food Waste Ban 

NYC announces a proposal to require large-scale commercial food establishments to separate organic waste in July 2015.

5. Portland Food Waste Collection

Residental food waste collection becomes required in the city of Portland in July 2015.

6. John Oliver Segment

John Oliver takes on the topic of food waste during his weekly segment in July 2015, catapulting the issue into national conversation.

7. Drexel University Study

A Drexel University study is published in Food and Nutrition Sciences in August 2015 about repurposing supermarket waste streams, prompting student-run Drexel Food Lab to take action.

8. U.N. Serves Landfill Salad

The United Nations serves a menu made up of food waste to world leaders in September 2015.

9. National Food Waste Reduction Goal 

In September 2015, the USDA and EPA announce the first-ever national food waste reduction goal: reduce food waste 50% by 2030. The announcement came around the same time that this study was released: Americans are also sending more than twice as much trash to landfills as the federal government has estimated.

10. Spoiler Alert Launches 

Spoiler Alert launches B2B online marketplace in New England in November 2015 to help food businesses, farms, and nonprofits manage otherwise wasted food. 

The Spoiler Alert team in 2015

11. French Food Waste Law

France passes a law in December 2015 that requires large supermarkets to donate unsold food items.

12. Congressional Food Waste Reduction Bill  

In December 2015, Maine Congresswoman Chellie Pingree announces her plan to introduce a national bill to reduce food waste. 

With 2015 nearly behind us, our team is eager to look towards 2016. Check back in a few weeks for our 2016 New Year's resolutions aligned to food recovery and waste diversion. Think we missed a big headline in 2015? Leave a comment below!