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3 Food Recovery & Waste Diversion Goals for 2016

Emily Malina
Emily Malina

Food recovery and waste diversion goals in 2016 with fruits on table in background

Happy New Year! Are you thinking about your waste diversion goals for the year?

As a food business professional, improving your bottom line, empowering your co-workers, and helping your community are ongoing objectives. But have you ensured that food waste management is a part of your strategic roadmap for 2016? Here are three, concrete resolutions that support food recovery and organic waste diversion at your company, plus helpful articles to inspire you.

Goal #1: Finally understand liability protection for donating food.

According to the 2012 Food Manufacturer and Retailer Food Donation & Food Waste Survey, 50% of food manufacturers and 67% of food retailers and wholesalers indicate that liability concerns are a barrier that prevents them from donating food. It’s a common misconception that companies that donate food can be liable, but the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act (passed in 1996) actually protects those who donate.

Goal #2: Effectively communicate your sustainability efforts to key stakeholders.

A strong corporate social responsibility (CSR) program and authentic sustainability initiatives are important drivers of customer loyalty and brand. Make a goal this year to powerfully and continuously convey your efforts. Incorporate your achievements into your marketing & communications using key metrics and case studies. Customers and employees alike will appreciate the transparency.

Goal #3: Learn more about tax benefits for food donations.

Doing good feels good. But, donating surplus food has financial perks as well. Now is the time to investigate the federal and state regulations that apply to your company, as well as how the tax incentive is calculated and restrictions and requirements for food donation. Be sure to consult your team’s financial counsel for how to most effectively capture tax deductions from charitable donations of food inventory.

What are your corporate food waste goals in 2016? Tell us in the comments below.