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Celebrating 12 Days of Food Rescue

Hannah Geise
Hannah Geise


From Wednesday, December 7 through Sunday, December 18, we celebrated the "12 Days of Food Rescue" across our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We highlighted some notable transactions from Spoiler Alert and shared additional context on how those food recovery transactions developed.

Here's a recap of the 12 transactions we highlighted.  

Day #1

There may be no partridge or pear tree, but we did have ONE massive gleaning opportunity of 20,000 pounds of potatoes in Maine.

Gleaning potato farm in Maine

Day #2

There are over TWO hundred Spoiler Alert users across the New England area. We’re proud to support their waste diversion and food recovery efforts!

200+ users on Spoiler Alert

Day #3

Nonprofits often look to Spoiler Alert as a tool to get more food donations, but Spoiler Alert also can come to the rescue when they have excess. Read about how Community Servings found themselves in the role of a food donor when they experienced an excess of THREE hundred pounds of eggplants.

Day #4

Recently, nearly FOUR hundred pounds of mesclun spring mix were rescued from Baldor Specialty Foods and donated to the Kroc Center of Boston.

Surplus mesclun spring mix

Day #5

FIVE cases of green peppers to Lovin' Spoonfuls are even better than five golden rings!

Day #6

Meet our “six geese a laying” — the SIX members of the Spoiler Alert team! Want to join us? Job openings are here.

The Spoiler Alert team in 2016

Day #7

After an unfortunate misorder, we helped find a new home for SEVEN thousand pounds of frozen strawberries at the East Boston YMCA Teaching Kitchen and Daily Table Dorchester.

Boxes of excess frozen strawberries

Day #8

We helped connect a wholesale distributor with EIGHT hundred pounds of spoiling bananas with a local baker, who turned them into hundreds of loaves of banana bread.

Day #9

Last spring, Daily Table Dorchester generously donated $900 worth of bruschetta to Food For Free through Spoiler Alert. We were proud to help connect the organizations!

Day #10

170, TEN-pound cases of “ugly but lovely” apples were saved by The Greater Boston Food Bank when Red Tomato experienced an excess this past fall.

Day #11

You may have heard how we helped recover ELEVEN thousand organic eggs in under 3 hours. If not, find the story here.

Day #12

It's our last day of "12 Days of Food Rescue" and it's a great moment to thank all of you for your support during the past TWELVE months of Spoiler Alert!


Have you participated in or seen great examples food rescue and recovery efforts in your community? Comment below to share or use the hashtag #12DaysOfFoodRescue on social media.

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