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User Spotlight Series: Eastie Farm

Hannah GeiseJan 16, 2017

Eastie Farm is a grassroots effort based in East Boston, a working class neighborhood with more than 50% immigrants, to increase community resilience and food access through gardening. The...

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A Year in Food Waste: 2016 Reflections

Hannah GeiseDec 23, 2016

The holiday season is always a time of reflection, and as we continue into Spoiler Alert’s second year of business, it’s helpful to think about the progress being made in food waste reduction...

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Celebrating 12 Days of Food Rescue

Hannah GeiseDec 19, 2016

From Wednesday, December 7 through Sunday, December 18, we celebrated the "12 Days of Food Rescue" across our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We highlighted some notable transactions from Spoiler...

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User Spotlight: Community Servings

Hannah GeiseNov 14, 2016

Community Servings is a Boston-area nonprofit that home-delivers medically-tailored meals to clients who are battling a critical illness. More than 2,200 meals are prepared each day in their...

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Food Waste on Farms: Guide for Farmers to Manage Seconds and Organic Waste

Hannah GeiseOct 25, 2016

Find information below about managing your seconds and organic waste, gleaning programs, using excess food as animal feed, and tax deductions for food donations.

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How 11,000 Organic Eggs Were Recovered in Under 3 Hours

Hannah GeiseSep 29, 2016

When an unexpected excess of organic eggs occurred at The Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB) two weeks ago, over 1,500 lbs (nearly 11,000 eggs!) were in danger of being wasted. The eggs were...

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2016 Global Sustainability Summit: Food Waste & the CSO’s Agenda

Hannah GeiseAug 24, 2016

Earlier this month, two of our co-founders, Ricky Ashenfelter and Emily Malina, attended the Global Sustainability Summit in New Orleans, hosted by the Food Marketing Institute and Grocery...

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Upcycled Eats and Drinks: 4 Companies Repurposing Food Waste

Hannah GeiseJun 9, 2016

A sizeable amount of organic byproduct is generated in industries such as yogurt manufacturing, beer brewing, and fruit & vegetable juicing. In many cases, this “waste” is discarded, composted, or...

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5 Major Grocery Stores Embracing the Ugly Produce Movement

Hannah GeiseMay 29, 2016

Could ugly fruits and vegetables help solve world hunger? Recently, National Geographic explored how six billion pounds of U.S. fruits and vegetables go unharvested or unsold often due to looks,...

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3 Surprising Statistics About the Environmental Impact of Food Waste

Hannah GeiseApr 22, 2016

There are obvious financial and social implications of wasting food, but oftentimes, the environmental impact of food waste is overlooked. We explore three statistics that highlight how damaging...

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